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Hampton’s unique restaurants create a delicious culinary scene for all visitors and residents to enjoy. We’re taking you behind the scenes to learn more about the owners and chefs of our favorite places to dine. Come join the fun and follow along on this new series, The Magic Behind the Menu, as we discover all the best places to eat in Hampton.

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The menu features everything from duck l'orange, lamb and ratatouille to steak and a Chef's Table feature allows for an even more personal dining experience.

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the virginian-pilot

The idea behind the restaurant is to mix approachably familiar American plates with old-school French bistro fare such as coq au vin or a coquille Saint-Jacques poached scallop dish — a casual, welcoming environment for scratch-made French food cooked according to laborious old-world traditions.

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veer magazine

“It’s got good bones,” Dana says of the 1905 brick building on the corner of Mellen and Mallory Streets that once housed the Electric Gas Co. Awash in charm, it, too, harks back to her youth. “As a kid it fascinated me,” she reminisces. “I used to look into the windows, all bright and shiny.”

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